Melide, Cerne de Galicia

Other events of interest

Several events of interest (from musical to commercial, magic, motor ones) took place in Melide during the whole year. One example is the Foliada, taken place in the last week of April, with Galician traditional folk as the main protagonist. We shall point out the Tavern Song Contest, which takes places in the different bars of the old area. Milliriders Motorcycle Meeting, organized by Milliriders Motor Club for motorcycle lovers in June.

Wedding Room. It is an anual event which gathers more than 50 stands specialized in the wedding field.

Week of Terra de Melide Music, which is organized by the Poliphonic Chorus of Melide.

Mercamelide. Outlet with high quality items at a discount.

San Caralampio. It is held on the second Sunday of September in Melide. Wine is the main protagonist of this funny party, in which groups and troupes cheer up streets of Melide in an extremely fun journey.